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Madulammoho’s Executive Team

Renier Erasmus

Renier Erasmus is the Chief Executive Officer of Madulammoho.

Neil Erasmus

Neil Erasmus is Madulammoho’s Chief Operating Officer. 

Chris Lund

Chris Lund is Madulammoho’s Chief Financial Officer.

Ntsoaki Ntlatseng

Ntsoaki is Madulammoho’s Client Services Manager.

Strong Partnerships for Healthy Communities

Madulammoho operates on the philosophy that strong partnerships are a key element to success.

The sharing of information and skills are necessary when it comes to fostering a holistic community, and a real partnership is one in which each party brings something to the table.

Madulammoho Partners

Madulammoho operates on the philosophy that strong partnerships are a key element to success.

The National Association of Social Housing Organisations

NASHO is a member-based federation of social housing institutions.

NASHO serves its members with advocacy, information sharing and training. It maintain strong linkages between government, municipalities the SHRA and its members.

eKhaya Neighbourhood City Improvement District

Madulammoho is a leading stakeholder in the eKhaya Neighbourhood City Improvement District (CID). The eKhaya CID is comprised of property owners (for-profit and non-profit) who have pioneered a model of urban regeneration that looks past the simple delivery of housing to focus on the realization of well-functioning, sustainable neighbourhood development that promotes community and an empowered citizenry.

Metro Empower Serve

Madulammoho and MES work in a sibling arrangement. We undertake the “hardware” of housing development and management, while MES deals with the “software” of social development.

Mes is a social development organization focusing on the prevention, intervention and sustainable exit of the poor and vulnerable.

National Housing Finance Corporations

Long term debt funders


Long term debt funders

Gauteng Partnership Fund

Long term debt funders

Social Housing Regulations Authority


The Heartbeat of Affordable Housing

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