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27 Esselen St, Hillbrow, Johannesburg, 2001


In walking distance to BRT, Kwik Spar and Gym. 60 communal, 4 two bedroom units.

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Available Units:

14 Single Rooms

Salary: R5872p/m–R9300p/m
Rental: R1878– R3062
Deposit: R3756 – R6124
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0 Two Bedroom Units

Salary: R5872p/m–R15000 p/m
Rental: R1878– R3062
Deposit: R3756– R6124
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Unit Available

This Unit is available. Interested in applying? Check to see if you qualify.


Building Search:*rooms, 2 bedroom, Joburg

Some history of RESDOC

Resdoc was first used by MES as transitional housing for people undergoing training before Madulammoho started using it for social housing. For two years, a social housing agency in Hillbrow watched and waited to take possession of Resdoc House, a building it had purchased for low-cost housing. Druglords had hijacked the building and quickly filled it with their 'tenants'. One day the police arrested one of the druglords, the kingpin of the rental racket, for housebreaking. CEO Renier Erasmus rushed in with a team to clean the building as soon as he heard the news. Police and MH's security and maintenance contractors swooped into a wasteland where doors hung off pieces of wire, having been kicked down many times over the years, where children played in matter best contained in sewers. Electricity flowed from a building next door. The team could not enter the communal bathrooms because of the rubbish. Toilets had blocked and overflowed long ago. Sensory overload slew veterans that day. Some policemen threw up. They found a human finger during the cleanup. Seven truckloads of garbage were carted away from what had been a residence for doctors and nurses working at Hillbrow Hospital, many years before. Five-and-a-half-million rand and seven months later, Resdoc House housed 120 tenants with proven low incomes in 64 rental units. Resdoc House is one of three buildings taken back from hijackers, in MH's portfolio of seven social housing buildings.
Year Established: 2009

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