New Europa

Smit St, CBD, Johannesburg, 2000

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This was Madulammoho's first housing project, the New Europa was established in 2005. Walking distance to BRT, Hillbrow Clinic and Fontana Spar. 58 communal units, 14 bachelor units,

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Available Units:

1 Single Rooms

Salary: R5500p/m–R15000p/m
Rental: R1546 – R1777
Deposit: R3092 – R3554
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0 Bachelor Units

Salary: R6888p/m–R15000p/m
Rental: R2222 – R2388
Deposit: R4444 – R4776
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Unit Available

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New Europa

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Some history on the new europa

Madulammoho's first housing project came through the Johannesburg Property Company (an extension of the City of Johannesburg) after it expropriated the overcrowded Europa Hotel in 2003.
a glamorous past
Before becoming a haven for drug dealers and criminals, the famous Europa Hotel was the accommodation choice of the South African and international elite, and its 24-hour nightclub, Razzmatazz, was a popular venue for local starlets like Brenda Fassie.
"the queen of sleaze"
By the early 2000s however, the Europa had become a crime and corruption hotspot, and was often referred to as "the queen of sleaze". After being expropriated, a tender was awarded to Madulammoho in 2005 to upgrade and manage the project on behalf of the city, and refurbishment of the building was completed in September of that same year.
restoring the europa to its former glory
Today the Europa may no longer host professional athletes and starlets, but it has been restored to its former glory. The New Europa consists of 58 communal units and 14 self-contained bachelor units, providing much-needed housing to some of Johannesburg's low-income community. The New Europa's model was a pilot project through which Madulammoho's philosophy and stepped approach was tested. In particular, the development demonstrated the link between providing affordable, stable rental accommodation and care, training and development for tenants.
Year Established: 2005

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