Belhar Gardens

ERF 24720 Symphony Way, Belhar 8, Cape Town, 7493


Belhar Gardens Rental Estate is located in the Belhar Restructuring Zone, conveniently between 2 train stations, as well as next to 2 universities and a college. Symphony way connects to the Bellville transport hub, 15min from 2 Malls and close to three industrial areas. There are 16 local primary and secondary schools in close proximity, as well as 3 sports complexes, and a local swimming pool just 10 min away. There are also numerous private clinics and dental surgeries close by, as well as the St. Vincent Local Clinic and Tygerberg hospital. 192 Bachelor, 228 one bedroom and 210 two bedroom units

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Available Units

Available Units:

Bachelor Unit

Salary:R2950p/m – R5500p/m
Rental: R914 – R1015
Deposit: R1828 – R2030
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1 One Bedroom Unit

Salary: R6557p/m-R15000p/m
Rental: R2033 – R2095
Deposit: R4066 – R4190
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This Unit is available. Interested in applying? Check to see if you qualify.

3 Two Bedroom Unit

Salary: R8603p/m – R15000p/m
Rental: R2667 – R2732
Deposit: R5334 – R5464
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Belhar Gardens

Building Search:1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, bachelor, Cape Town

Some History on Belhar Gardens

The 629 unit Belhar Gardens Rental Estate Housing Project consists of 189 Bachelor units, 230 one bed units and 210 two bed units. The project incorporates energy efficiency measures including heat pumps instead of conventional geysers. This technology saves 55% in energy consumption and cost -a saving is passed on to the tenant. Hot and cold water are metered separately through wireless water meters that can be read remotely.
Year Established: 2016

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