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Allenby House

C/o Claim, CBD, Johannesburg, 2000


sufficient ablutions to accommodate physically challenged tenants Opened in August 2009, the Allenby House sits at the corner of Leyds and Claim Streets and features 119 communal units.

Apartment Units


Available Units

Available Units:

25 Communal Rooms

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Salary: R3500p/m–R8500p/m
Rental: R1633 – R1994
Deposit: R3266 – R3988
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Allenby House

Building Search:*rooms, Joburg

Some history on Allenby House

Before Madulammoho took over, Allenby House was overcrowded and the sewerage system had completely collapsed. Madulammoho's newest housing project, today Allenby House features sufficient ablutions to accommodate physically challenged tenants and we are proud to report that we fulfilled our 'return to building' promise made to the Allenby's previous tenants.
Year Established: 2009

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