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Madulammoho Pulse Newsletter

The Madulammoho Pulse is published quarterly and features news about our organisation, our housing projects and our community. The Madulammoho Pulse strives to be the heartbeat of our community – a vehicle for our tenants to be heard and a place where they can share their stories.

Galley and Videos

Video Gallery

Here are videos we have collected

Inner City Castles

Documentary screened on SABC2, Issues of Faith programme on the 3rd Feb2013.


A short film on Witsand produced by Khoisan Pictures for the Sustainability Institute. 22 Apr 2011

Madulamoho Housing Association

Produced by Khoisan Pictures. 7 Apr 2011

Hillbrow: Between Heaven and Hell

Filmmaker Clifford Bestall takes a personal journey to the heart of one of South Africa’s most dangerous neighbourhoods. 28 Feb 2012.

Madulammoho Fleurhof Views Launch

One of South Africa’s top affordable housing developments, Fleurhof was officially launched on 20 Sept 2012.

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