MHA goes Green

Madulammoho Housing Association is going green to further reduce their tenants’ expenses.

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MHA goes Green

While energy costs continue to rise, Madulammoho Housing Association started investigations on energy saving strategies for their Social Housing projects. Fleurhof Views, consisting of 286 rental units was the first project where we introduced heat pump technology to replace convectional geysers. Using heat pumps to produce hot water have a number of benefits for both the tenants and the environment. The initial estimated energy savings obtained by using the energy efficient heat pumps are...

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The Madulammoho Pulse is published quarterly and features news about our organisation, our housing projects and our community. The Madulammoho Pulse strives to be the heartbeat of our community – a vehicle for our tenants to be heard and a place where they can share their stories.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Madulammoho Housing Association ?

Madulammoho Housing Association is a PRIVATE company registered as a Section 21 Not for Profit Company (NPC). This means that the company has no shareholders and any retained earnings are earmarked for long term maintenance and new developments. Madulammoho is also a Social Housing Institutions (SHI) fully accredited by the Social Housing Regulatory Authority (SHRA)

What is Social Housing ?

Social Housing is rental housing specifically aimed at individuals or families earning between R3500 and R15 000 per month. The program is supported by the National Department of Human Settlements which provide a once off capital grant to cover some of the development cost of a Social housing project. The rest of the development cost are covered by loan finance. In order to receive the grant the SHI must adhere to the regulations of the SHRA

Can the rental units be converted to ownership?

NO. Social Housing is for rentals only and can never be converted to ownership.

Why do I need to pay a deposit and when do I get it back ?

Your deposit is kept in an interest bearing account.Refunds are done within 14 days (working) if there are NO rental arrears/maintenance or any other applicable charges to be deducted. Refunds are done within 21 days (working) if there are rental arrears/maintenance or any other applicable charges to be deducted.

How do I qualify to to become a tenant in Social Housing ?

In order to qualify for social housing you need to meet a range of criteria set out by the Social Housing Act (No. 16 of 2008) and Social Housing Regulatory Authority (SHRA) and the are the following:

  • You must be a South African citizen with SA ID
  • You must be 18 years and older
  • You must NOT have owned property before
  • You must earn between R1 500 and R15 000
  • You must submit a valid ID, 3 months bank statements and 3 month’s pay slips (latest)
  • You must sign a lease agreement (These are RENTAL units only)

Can my lease agreement be cancelled ?

Yes – Both parties can cancel the lease agreement. The lease agreement is a two-way legally binding contract and therefore both parties can give each other notice to cancel the lease. The notice period is a calendar months’ notice.

What happens if my appliances or belongings are damaged due to flooding/electrical fault etc ?

Every tenant must insure the contents of their household. Madulammoho is not responsible for any loss/damage/theft of tenant’s household items under any circumstance. Additionally please ensure that you have also made provision for insurance cover in the event of death and/or medical emergency expenses for yourself and your family.

How are utilities charged ?

Over and above your rent you are responsible to pay for the utilities you use as charged by the Municipality. Metered utilities are charged in arrears e.g utilities used in June will be calculated in July and charged on your rental statement for August. Utilities are increased annually as per the Municipality’s tariff increase. You are also responsible for the last month’s utility charges when you vacate your unit and this will be deducted from your deposit.

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