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Annual Reports

Madulammoho's annual reports provide you with indepth information and updates on our organisation. Our latest report was published in 2011 and can be viewed here Attachment Size MHA Annual Report 2014 Part 1.pdf 1.51 MB MHA Annual Report 2014 Part 2.pdf 1.35 MB...

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Kiro Karate

Madulammoho's House manager of Fleurof Views, Thembalabo 'Kiro' Febana has been practicing karate since the age of 15. After mastering the sport he became a Sensei in 1996. Currently, he is a Sensei at both at Madulammoho Karate Dojo at BG Alexander in Hillbrow, as...

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Youth Day

On June 16th, South Africans engage in the annual celebration of Youth Day. It was on this day in 1976 that Black youth within Soweto Township came together to protest against the apartheid-run education system, which segregated students on the basis of ethnicity....

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