Our Tenants' Stories

by Pinky Julia

“My name is Pinky Julia and I am staying at B.G. Alexander. I am a single mom and stay with my son, my sister and my sister’s daughter.

“For living, I am running a daycare that was provided free of charge by Madulammoho. It was so fortunate, so good that Madulammoho gave me this opportunity.

“Before running the crèche I was working as a child minder, but my employer was going to terminate my contract. When I applied to run the crèche at Europa I asked [Madulammoho] how much I had to pay. They said, ‘No, you can have the space for free’ and told me they would be very happy for the children of Madulammoho to have someplace where they can be looked after.

“That was last year February and I was so happy. Until today, this is what I am doing.

“I like kids, it think it is something that is in my blood. When I started the crèche, many people asked me how I would cope, but it’s something that I like. I like to teach kids good things and bad things and let them grow up knowing God.

“Before Madulammoho I was paying over R1,000 for a small room in Hillbrow, but it was too much. My pastor told me about Madulammoho. I attended the workshop and found that Madulammoho is a very reasonable company.

“Now I have a two-bedroom flat at B.G. It’s amazing because there is so much space for R1,200.

“The Madulammoho project is so good. Next time you’re going to see the whole Hillbrow being run by Madulammoho. Nowadays, the other companies are too expensive so something like Madulammoho because they are not just affordable, they are nice.

“I am so blessed.”

Pinky Julia runs Madulammoho’s crèche facility in the New Europa and lives in the B.G. Alexander. Originally from ??, she has been a resident in Hillbrow since 1999.”


My four walls of safety
Did not exist while I lived on the street
My four walls of safety were just a dream
While I cuddled my feet
My four of walls of safety became a necessity
When children were born right there on the street
Shelter, warmth and comfort were miles away
Strife, hunger and homelessness
were the order of the day
My four walls of safety soon became a priority
As the system of democracy
gave each one the opportunity
To become a part of the equal dynasty
My four walls of safety became the solution
To the moral degeneration and the social degradation
That came along with my homeless situation
Charity begins at home
It can never happen when you are alone
Here in my four walls of safety
I can be counted as a member of the sheltered society
Today my four walls of safety are built in the city
Today I have a home away from home
The battle against homelessness still continues

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