Fleurhof Views

Fleurhof Views

Project Details
Type of Units: 286 self-contained units
Features: provisions have been made for four business center sites (mixed use), seven crèche sites, five religious sites, a community center, three school sites, a Crèche made available through our sister organization MES, and approximately 25 parks. Units are walking distance to the BRT.

some history on Fleurhof Views

Fleurhof Views is not only MHA's first Greenfields Project, but it is also MHA's first integrated housing development that is built from scratch. Fleurhof Views is also the first of many MHA projects to be outside of the inner-city of Johannesburg. There are plans to construct a second project in which will include 300 more units in Fleurhof, as part of phase two. Also, Jabulani project will be situated outside of the inner-city and within Soweto. Moreover, MHA is expanding in to Cape Town with a new project called Scottsdene.

Fleurhof Views is taking environmentally conscious steps in producing the tenants' hot water, by using nine energy efficient and environmentally friendly heat pumps compared to other Madulammoho projects which use element heated conventional geysers. The initial estimated energy savings obtained by using the energy efficient heat pumps is approximately 113 511 kWh per month or approximately 1 362 132 kWh per year. When comparing these heat pumps to the conventional geysers there is a savings of up to 60% on hot water. Furthermore, these hot water pumps will enable Madulammoho Housing Association to reduce its carbon footprint by 1022 tons.

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