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The Madulammoho Pulse is published quarterly and features news about our organisation, our housing projects and our community. The Madulammoho Pulse strives to be the heartbeat of our community - a vehicle for our tenants to be heard and a place where they can share their stories.

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"Life does not ask us to be the biggest or the best, it asks us only to try" - Unknown Be finacially smart this winter. Some tips to save you money this winter. Feedback from the Maintenance Manager As manager of the maintenance department I am proud to say we have achieved many of our goals over the past couple of months. Housekeeping Littering: Let’s work together and encourage one another to put all litter into the dustbins. Bambisani Hands of Hope We are proud to have our very own Coach represent S.A. at such a prestigious event. » Download full newsletter [.PDF file]

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