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Madulammoho Housing Association was established in 2004 to provide affordable housing solutions for Johannesburg's inner city community.

Using an economic cost recovery model with affordability as the starting point, Madulammoho pioneered a model that meets the housing needs of the very poor.

Madulammoho was born out of Metro Evangelical Services (MES), a non profit, faith-based organisation that provides a wide range of social services to Johannesburg's inner city community.

Through its own service provision in the 1980s and 90s, MES realized that a lack of affordable housing was having a negative impact on the development gains the organisation was establishing in the community.

affordability as the starting point

Although set up to provide affordable rental accommodation for low-income earners, the housing delivered through Social Housing Institutions (SHIs) was still providing a rental housing model beyond the reach of MES's clients. SHIs were buying buildings and refurbishing them, but because this was done using loan finance and institutional subsidies, rents were determined on an economic cost recovery basis that took into account the cost of finance. As a result, this housing did not match the affordability of the very poor.

With its clients in mind, MES began to examine the need for housing with affordability as the starting point. Once housing development costs were calculated against the monthly amount that MES clients could pay, it was found that the inner city poor could only afford transitional and communal housing models, in which people could rent a bed space and access shared ablution and kitchen facilities.

getting government support

Though the government was initially reluctant to get behind a housing model that was considered similar to apartheid-style hostels, in 2004 the Department of Social Development got on board and agreed to support MES, provided that the organisation agree to teach others to replicate its model.

While MES fully supported the need, becoming a housing provider would be a major shift in business, so in 2004 a separate organisation, Madulammoho Housing Association (eSotho for "living together"), was established to focus on the housing component of the social development model pioneered by MES. Madulammoho could then dedicate its efforts towards fundraising for and developing affordable housing models.

However MES and Madulammoho would continue to work together, hand in hand, like "brother and sister".

Today we currently manage 2234 rental units in Johannesburg providing homes for over 3 400 low income earners.

*To learn more about our history download the Madulammoho Story.
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