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Madulammoho Housing Association was established in 2004 to provide affordable housing solutions for Johannesburg's inner city community.

Using an economic cost recovery model with affordability as the starting point, Madulammoho pioneered a model that meets the housing needs of the very poor.

Vision, Mission and Values

madulammoho's mission, vision and core values

Our mission, vision and core values not only inform the way we do business, they are also the foundation of our organisation.

a stepped approach

a stepped approach to housing

Madulammoho pioneered what we call the "stepped approach to housing".

Based on demand-side affordability, Madulammoho developed a stepped approach to providing people with alternative housing options at different rental levels. Households then make housing choices according to their incomes.

Funding Details

how we are funded

Madulammoho works on a system of economic cost recovery wherein rentals are geared to cover the costs of any capital repayments on the redevelopment of the project, as well as all administrative and managerial costs.

For the fourth year running, Madulammoho's primary income has come from our rentals and the company is no longer dependent on operational funding for our financial sustainability.

Financial Details

how we do business

Though our housing portfolio continues to grow at a significant rate, to best serve our target market Madulammoho strives to maintain low staff components while keeping our overhead costs at a minimum and our services in-house.

To maintain financial sustainability, we also endeavor to maintain a high rental collection rate and keep vacancies and bad debt as low as possible. As of 2010, our vacancy rate sits at zero per cent with a rental collection rate of 92 per cent and a bad debt ratio of just 0.6 per cent.

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